Flexible Income

What is “Flexible” Income? Most fixed income strategies focus on one particular part of the bond market. Our approach is different. We can invest in many kinds of bond funds. We believe this dynamic approach to managing bond investments can respond to changing bond markets and take advantage of potential opportunities in the fixed income arena as they develop over time.

Managing Risk Controlling downside risk is a top priority. We take a total return approach to bond investing, while seeking consistent low volatility earnings. To manage risk and keep volatility in check, the Flexible Income strategy caps exposure to more volatile areas of the bond market. The strategy has maximum exposure limits to such areas as high-yield, international and emerging markets bond funds.

Why Flexible Income? Bond market leadership rotates as interest rates rise and fall, as bonds with higher or lower credit quality gain market favor, and as global currencies fluctuate. We adapt the portfolio to include these different asset types when they are adding value, capturing leadership trends.

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Generating Income

Fixed income investments serve multiple purposes.  Investors who are living on their investments often look to the steady stream of potential income from bonds and bond funds to pay their expenses.  

But not all investors utilize bond funds for monthly income.  Most turn to bonds as a potential stabilizing component in a balanced portfolio. The regularity of bond income also makes debt instruments a less volatile asset class than stocks, and hence a great diversification tool. 

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