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Shareholder Letter Spring 2018

Which funds can meet your goals?

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

Why do you invest? Most of us invest to build and preserve wealth, so we can live comfortably in retirement and leave a legacy for our children or grandchildren.

However, many people now want their investments to do more than meet the usual investment goals. They want to use their investments to try to build a sustainable world for their children and grandchildren.

In this Upgrader, you’ll learn how to find funds that can help you work toward your goals.

Get started with sustainable investing

Current events and the recent political climate have inspired people to invest in a way that seeks to make a difference, but many people aren’t sure where to start. Click here to find out how I learned about sustainable investing, and how that led us to create the FundX Sustainable Impact Fund (SRIFX).

Find funds that can make a difference

If you want your investments to make a positive impact, should you own passive (index) funds or active funds?

Index funds are starting to use their power as shareholders—something that actively managed funds, particularly sustainable funds, have been doing for years. Learn more here.

Simplify your investing in your 30s, 50s and 70s

You’ll likely own a different mix of funds at different times in your life. Click here to see three example fund portfolios that could help you at three different stages of your life.

The FundX Upgrader Funds aim to make it easy for you to own a full portfolio of funds, and the funds are designed to meet a wide range of investment goals. If you need help deciding which FundX funds might be right for you or how to put the funds to work in your portfolio, give us a call at 1-800-763-8639 and ask to speak with an advisor.

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About FundX

FundX Investment Group pioneered using noload mutual funds to manage client accounts in 1969. Today, the firm uses its evidence-based investment process to manage equity, sustainable and fixed income portfolios of funds for individuals, institutions and mutual funds.


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